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A small selection of websites related to re-enactment / costuming.


Sites which have databases/gateways are listed here as well as under FURTHER RESOURCES: DATABASES AND GATEWAYS


Démodé: Historical Costume - Projects and Resources
Author: K. Van Cleave


The personal website of a period costume enthusiast. In addition to descriptions of the author’s costume reconstruction projects, the site includes a resource called 'Real Women's Clothing Directory' which contains links to photographs of dress in museums across the world, arranged chronologically.

Real Womens' Clothing Directory:


Elizabethan Costuming Page
Author: D. Leed


The personal project of an author and speaker on the subject of sixteenth-century dress. The website contains articles by the author, and links to online research sources, relating to all aspects of sixteenth-century European dress. The website as a whole can be searched by keyword.


Extreme Costuming
Author: L. Mellin


The personal project of a costumier from Washington DC. The main focus of the site is Elizabethan, Tudor and Early Colonial dress related to the author's work as a costumed volunteer at the Jamestown Settlement and Museum. In addition to articles by the author, the website includes photographs and descriptions of reconstructions of dress, embroidery and accessories (including reproductions of specific items in museum collections).


Histrenact - Historical Re-enactment Web Site


A website containing a searchable online database of re-enactment societies, traders, and resource links relating to English/British history.

Suggested starting points:

Re-enactment Societies Listings (by broad time period):

[Time periods include: Medieval 1066-1599, English Civil War, High English 1600-1800AD.
Select a time period and having reached the relevant page, scroll down to 'Society Web Sites - Links to external web sites' - this will give a full listing of relevant societies.]

Search the Historical Re-enactment Database:

[Note: searches may return very large number of results.]


International Costumers' Guild


The International Costumers' Guild is an affiliation of amateur, hobbyist, and professional costumers dedicated to the promotion of, and education in, costuming as an art form in all its aspects.


La Couturière Parisienne
Author: A. Bender


The personal project of a costume enthusiast. It covers the period from the Middle Ages to the early twentieth century. The site includes articles, costume patterns, and a searchable database of over 4000 images of paintings and drawings showing costume. The site as a whole is searchable by keyword.

Search the whole site or the online database:


Medieval Miscellanea - Period Patterns


This website contains lists of patterns, arranged chronologically and by type of clothing, accompanied by illustrations from contemporary sources and background notes. The focus is on European clothing from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. It is not possible to purchase patterns directly from the website, but a list of commercial suppliers is provided.


National Association of Re-enactment Societies


The website for the National Association of Re-enactment Societies (in Great Britain). Since 1991, NAReS has been officially recognised as representative of re-enactment by government bodies, the police, and the armed services - membership of NAReS demonstrates involvement, commitment and a willingness to comply with recognised standards. A list of member societies is provided.


National Costumers Association


The National Costumers Association (for the USA) was formed in 1923, bringing together a small group of costumers dedicated to upgrading and promoting the costume industry. Through the years both the association and the industry have grown in size and scope. The website includes a shop locator for suppliers within the USA.


Renaissance Tailor - Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing
Author: T. Dupuis


The personal website of a costume designer and creator. The site provides detailed information on construction methods for the re-creation of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century clothing. Step-by-step instructions are given for taking measurements, making toiles, and drawing patterns, which are accompanied by many diagrams and illustrations. Sources (primary and secondary) are discussed and listed, and an extensive 'Tailoring Vocabulary' is provided. There is also a link to the Renaissance Tailor Store from which re-created ruffs and collars can be purchased.







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